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     Visa Invitation Letter                  Expatriate Affairs Services

If you wish to come to China for business or work, it is required that an official invitation letter (sample) from the appropriate authorized organization be provided at the time of application in Chinese embassies /consulates or China visa office in Hongkong.

We can assist you with obtaining the letter of invitation required for a business visa (M) or work visa (Z) application. For the exisiting customers, application is easy, you just need to fill in the online application form and submit to us. If you are not our customer, please contact us for info about becoming our customer.

It takes one working day (three working days for a one-year visa) to process the invitation letter which we will then email or fax back or door-to-door deliver the original copy to you. We can provide invitation letters for the following types of business (M) visa:

• 90 day single entry
• 90 day double entry
• 180 day multiple entry
• 360 day multiple entry

Note that double and multiple entry visas usually have a limit of 30 days on the duration of each stay in China. However, this limit can be removed after you arrive in China—contact us for more details. Once the limit is removed you can stay in China up to the date of expiry.

For applying for invitation letters for work (Z) visa, you also need to provide an Foreign Employment License or a Foreign Expert Comfirmation Notice. For more infomation regarding applying for a work visa please click here.

For more information and help please contact us at +0086-10-64632568 or send us an email.



Beijing Yafei Business Visa Consulting Service Centre
TEL:010-64632568  FOX:010-64631785
Address: : Seventh floor,No. 1,Yard 15 Zuojiazhuang.Chaoyang District., Beijing.China.(100028)