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If you want to know the paperwork and price information, please check the " Quotation " part on the top menu.Following Flow is only for the Foreigner Who working in beijing and apply for the Working and Residence Visa.

Temporary Residence Form
Health Certificate
Work Permit
1 year Residence Visa

If you hold an Tourist(L) Visa or Business(M) Visa, only need the following paperwork, Then we can Help you to renew it:
1. Passport with valid visa
2. Local beijing Registration Form Of Temporary Residence*
3. 1 Passprot Photograph

*Registration Form Of Temporary Residence
When you come to beijing with tourist visa or business visa, you have to go to the local police station near your living space(if you are living in hotel, just go to the hotel reception, But don't forget to ask the hotel put their stamp on the form! ) to register your information in detail within 2 days.It's easy and free. Then you can get this Registration Form. If you don't know where is the correct police station you have to go, Please give us a call, we will help you to find it out for free.( As the policy of beijing immigration bureau, we strongly recommend you to register and get this form. and also for the foreigner who live in beijing, please notice when you leave China and come back or move to a new living place, you have to renew this form )

Tips: If you register yourself too late, maybe the police will charge you fine. Please notice as the regulation, the fine is from minimum 50RMB upto maximum 500RMB.You can negotiate about it to reach a lower amount. Alternatively, the another smart way to get this form is check in a Hotel for 1 night, then you can go to the hotel reception to register yourself and get this form. But don't forget to ask the hotel put their stamp on the form!

Now, the beijing Government is very strict with those kind of form, so if you leave the country and come back or you move address, you have to renew it again. When you submit your residence form to us, Please check it first if it's still valid or not, if not, please renew it first.

If you have any requirements or questions of how to handle your visa correctly and legally.Please Feel Free to Contact Us!



Beijing Yafei Business Visa Consulting Service Centre
TEL:010-64632568  FOX:010-64631785
Address: Seventh floor,No. 1,Yard 15 Zuojiazhuang.Chaoyang District., Beijing.China.(100028)