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    Investment Faq                            FAQs

1. What are the basic laws and regulations encouraging overseas investors to invest in China?
2. What are the formalities for overseas investment to establish enterprises in China? What departments are involved?
3. What items are encouraged for foreign investment by China, and what are prohibited?
4. What are the preferential policies offered to enterprises with foreign investment?
5. What are the favorable policies for further encouraging foreign investment in high technology industries?
6. What impact may China's accession to the WTO have on foreign investment in China?
7. What measures will the Chinese government take to expand the scale and enhance the level of foreign investment introduction in the Tenth Five-Year Plan (2001-2005)?
8. What are the regulations concerning labor management of foreign-invested enterprises?
9. What are the regulations concerning taxes for enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprises engaged in consultation business?

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Beijing Yafei Business Visa Consulting Service Centre
TEL:010-64632568  FOX:010-64631785
Address: Seventh floor,No. 1,Yard 15 Zuojiazhuang.Chaoyang District., Beijing.China.(100028)