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    Paperwork and cost
Please click which kind of business organization as following you would like to set up to find out the paperwork and cost information in detail:

WFOE [Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise]

The Paperwork for set up a WOFE( Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise ) in Beijing:
Condition: The minmium investment is 140,000 USD$
01. Name, address, telephone No., background of the investor
02. Confirmation of name and standby names for the company to be set up
03. Letter of intend or contract for joint venture or cooperative venture
04. Purpose for investmen
05. Xerox copy of legal license of both foreign investor and Chinese investor
06. Original of credit worthiness of the foreign investor (Bank issues)
07. Registered address, leasing contract, certificate of real estate, and certificate for leasing
08. Business scope and term
09. Total investment and registered capital, proportion of investment
10. Economic estimation
11. Company operational structure and Number of employee
12. Market and economic analysis

**Above( 08-12 ) is required for writing a Report of feasibility study
13. Identifications (two Xerox copies) and attorney (two Original) of directors, general or deputy general manager; resume of chairman, general manager and directors, and two photos of chairman of the board

If setting up a manufacturing company, the following additional documents are required:
14. Permission for land use, environment evaluation report
15. Products, production scale,detailed list of equipment,and process scheme
16. Environmental protection measures
17. Requirement for utilities,commitment from power and water supply agent

Government Fee Service Fee Total
10000RMB USD$1500 22345RMB

The Paperwork for set up a Representative Office in Beijing:
Condition: The foreign company should be established at least 1 year
01. Two Appilcation letters
02. Business License of foreign company ( photocopy )
03. Credit letter from foreign company banker
04. Assignment letter
05. Resume of Chief representative
06. 11 Photographics of Chief representative
07. ID card or Passport of Chief representative ( photocopy )
08. Office renting contract ( photocopy )
09. Certificated letter from your landlord
10. Certification of foreign office acception ( photocopy )
11. Certification of Title ( photocopy )
12. Company introduction

Government Fee Service Fee Total
5300RMB 8700RMB 14000RMB








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